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Single Ply Membrane

An increasingly popular roofing system due to its versatility, speed and ease to apply

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About Single Ply Membrane.

Single Ply Membrane is a flat roofing system which consists of a single layer, strong, supple, waterproof membrane consisting primarily of synthetic polymer. Its thickness ranges from 1.1mm -2mm and can be used for flat, vertical, pitched, curved roofs and in conjunction with other roofing systems, making single ply a suitable roofing system solution for all types of designs.

Single Ply is increasingly popular due to its versatility, speed and ease to apply with a life expectancy of over 25 years. Single Ply is 100% recyclable, not restricted by size and available in a variety of materials and colours. The membrane can be hot or cold applied therefore suitable for sites with flame restrictions. It has the flexibility to be loose laid, ballasted, adhered and mechanically fixed giving single ply the capability to conquer most roofing designs.

Western Counties Roofing Ltd only use leading manufactures and all single ply roofing systems are approved by NFRC.