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Details of our Quality Assurance & Risk Management Policy

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Quality Policy

Last updated: August 11, 2016



QA ROOF SAFE PLUS is the new product that we have developed for the NFRC to extend the benefits of membership. It applies to commercial contracts and is intended to provide a marketing aid that need cost you nothing but which will add value to your tenders in order to improve your closing success rate.

What is QA Roof Safe Plus?

It is a quality assurance and 10, 15 or 20 year contract works defects risk management programme.

Quality Assurance

The stringent NFRC membership eligibility criteria and its robust application will give clients confidence in the quality of your work and the expectation of fair dealing.
For all but the smallest jobs there are individual independent project technical audits involving:

  • Design and specification approval.
  • Inspections of work in progress.
  • Final audit on Practical Completion.

Only when the auditor signs off the job by the issue of an unqualified Certificate of Approval can the long term protection commence.

Risk Management

The residual latent defect risk management element is provided via conventional latent defects insurance tailored to reflect your commitment to supporting the objectives of the programme.
In the first year you would give the insurer an undertaking to rectify all defects. In the unlikely event that you cease trading through insolvency in that time the policy would trigger to meet your obligations.

In years two through 10, 15 or 20 the policy provides for the rectification of defects, the repair of resultant damage to the building or structure and the reimbursement of specified associated costs and expenses.

A latent defect is a defect due to faulty design, specification, workmanship and/or materials not detected on completion of the works but which becomes apparent and is reported within the currency of the policy.

How does it benefit me?

Firstly, as a no-cost win/win marketing aid.

  • By offering the Scheme your will add value to your tenders that will make them different to the others – better than the others.
  • If the Client decides to take up the offer he pays the cost.
  • If he does not you will at least score brownie points for having shown concern for his interests by offering it.

There is, however, nothing to prevent you building the cost into your estimate and providing the scheme as standard for all or selected jobs if you wish.
Secondly, the job audits will eliminate or substantially reduce the risk of you being recalled during the snagging period and so improve the profitability of the job.
Thirdly, discounted premiums will result in lower cost to your client than a similar scheme offered by a non-member.

What is the Scheme membership cost?

If you are prepared to incorporate an offer of the scheme with all your tenders and estimates using the Client Offer Letter download transferred to your letterhead, there is no Scheme joining fee or annual subscription.

If you only wish to use the Scheme as and when it is requested by a Client or potential Client the joining fee and annual subscription will be £500.00 but this will be refunded on receipt of the first order in each year.

To protect the interests of participating Members a new applicant joining simply to be able to compete with an already participating Member for a job will only be considered for deferred membership.

How do I apply to join?

Simply download and complete a registration form and send to the address on the form together with the joining fee (if applicable).

Newton Abbot (Head Office)
Derber House
Old Newton Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6SL
Wellington Office
Unit 14, Block B
Westpark 26
TA21 9FN
Bodmin Office
6 Lucknow Road
Walkerlines Industrial Estate
PL31 1EZ
Barnstaple Office
1A Pilland Way
Pottington Industrial Estate
EX31 1QW