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Our highly skilled leadsmiths are proficient in all types of leadwork & also provide bespoke designs to enhance your roof or façade.

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About Leadwork.

Lead is the softest of the common metals and has been used as a building material for centuries, dues to its durability, versatility and resistance to weather conditions. All lead is manufactured to BSEN12588 and can easily be formed to any shape with only the use of simple hand tools, using a technique called bossing or as an alternative lead welding both require great skill, knowledge and craftsmanship.

Lead sheets are the preferred choice of waterproofing the perimeter and abutments of a roof providing a seal between the brickwork and the waterproof covering, lead is used to channel the water away from the brickwork and onto the waterproof covering to prevent damage to the structure. Lead sheets are also used for bespoke decorative work adding interest and individuality to a roof and enhancing the visual impact.

Western Counties Roofing have teams, of highly skilled leadsmiths who are proficient in all types of leadwork including bespoke flashings, apron and step flashings, valleys and hip units, soakers, secret gutters. Western Counties Leadsmiths can also provide bespoke feature designs to enhance and embellish your roof or façade.