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Renewable Energy

With the increasing need for renewable energy, solar panels are becoming more popular within the domestic roofing market.

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About Renewable Energy.

Renewable energy is generally defined as energy generated from a natural resources such as sunlight, wind and rain. One method to generate renewable energy is through Solar Panels. With the ever increasing importance and need for renewable energy, solar panels are becoming more and more popular with in the domestic market and house builders.

Western Counties Roofing are MCS accredited for the installations of integrated and mounted Solar PV and Solar Thermal panels for both pitched and flat roof systems.

Solar Panels

Also known as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) are used to capture the sun’s energy through the photovoltaic cells and convert into electricity.

Solar Thermal

also referred to as solar heating, uses panels to capture energy from the sun to heat up water. It is mostly used to heat up your domestic hot water system.

There are several benefits of installing solar energy systems, the main benefits include reducing your energy bills, getting paid for the electricity you produce and reducing your carbon footprint.