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About Inverters

Build a smart energy eco system with usable power for your home or business

An inverters’ primary function is to convert direct current (DC) that is fed from your Solar PV panels into alternating current (AC), which is suitable for domestic use. With many different inverters all with unique features available, choosing the right inverter will depend on your needs, design and future sustainability goals. Our experts are on hand to ensure you get the right inverter for your project.

Hybrid Inverters

An all-in-one solution combining both a Solar PV and battery inverter into a single unit. A hybrid inverter allows you to seamlessly switch between grid power, solar power and battery power providing flexibility whilst allowing you to choose how you use your solar energy. Whether it’s to use directly in your home or business, supply your EV charger, store in batteries or sell to the grid, you will have greater control over your supply, improving your resilience and optimise costs savings and reduce carbon emissions.

A sophisticated, streamlined, sustainable energy solution that ensures continuous power supply, ideal for anyone seeking to optimise their solar panel setup for their home or business. With intelligent monitoring systems, extensive customisation options, hybrid inverters deliver an highly efficient, versatile system reducing reliance on the grid.

Non-Hybrid/String Inverter

A non-hybrid/string inverter allows you to create a cost-effective solar system where you either use all the energy produced or export excess energy to the grid. Mostly used for smaller arrays where power storage isn’t an option or businesses/homeowners looking to use what they generate during daylight hours. Their ease of installation, minimal maintenance and cost make them a popular choice for residential projects and businesses alike.

Non-hybrid/String inverters are tried and tested technology, designed to be more efficient as they are connected to several panels linked in a series/group. The inverter is sized to the total power of the panels installed and can be supplied for either single or three phase grid connections depending on your incoming supply.

Micro Inverters

Micro Inverters are essentially mini-inverters designed to convert the DC to AC at module level, each solar panel is paired directly with a micro-inverter which controls its output. With remote monitoring technology you can track the performance of each panel as each panel operates as its own solar system, therefore if one panel is not performing, it does not hamper the entire system.

Micro inverters create flexible solutions as they are suitable for complex designs, areas of shading and they are easily scalable for those looking to increase future demand. Their compact and lightweight design simplifies the connection process which results in fast installation.

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