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About Rhepanol FK

Rhepanol FK is the oldest single ply roofing membrane, available for over 50 years and is currently the only single ply membrane with a full life cycle. Not only is Rhepanol long lasting, strong, waterproof and highly tear resistant, it proves to be environmentally friendly. Rhepanol is a polyisobutilene (PIB) based roofing sheet and the only single ply membrane with an integrated polyester fleece backing, which enhances diffusion and secure fastening whilst providing additional protection against strain and movement from the substrate.

Rhepanol is available in two types; Rhepanol FK and Rhepanol HG.

Rhepanol FK – is typically used for the majority of all flat roofing solutions where Rhepanol has been specified. It has been designed to be installed over bitumen roofs, and is suitable for both flat and pitched roofs. Rhepanol FK offers various advantages such as its unique self sealing edges making it easy and quick to lay in most weather conditions. It comes in different shades of grey but has several decorative finishes available, it can be designed to mock standing seam or Rhepanol paint can be applied to give a number of finishes including metal effects in cooper, gold and silver.

Rhepanol is BBA certified to have a life expectancy of at least 30 years.

Unlike other single ply membrane products, Rhepanol only comes in one format which can be used regardless of the installation method resulting in less stock required and minimum wastage.

Rhepanol HG was developed from Rhepanol FK to meet specific requirements for green roofs and landscapes. Rhepanol HG has central glass fleece reinforcement rather than a fleece backing, resulting in a high quality, durable roofing membrane resistant to root penetration, making it a solid foundation for green roofs. It is can be used with intensive and extensive vegetation offers both aesthetically and ecological advantages making Rhepanol the perfect solution for every type of green roof.

Rhepanol HG is optimised for hot air application and for joining the seams only hot air welding is used, no open flames are required. Rhepanol HG can only be installed using the loose laid application with vegetations as ballast.

All Rhepanol products are installed by Western Counties Roofing Rhepanol trained and approved operatives.

If you have a roofing project that requires Rhepanol FK or simply want more information contact our experts. Alternatively you can visit their website.
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