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About Kemperol

Kemper systems is a worldwide leader in manufacturing the highest quality wet on wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing for the construction industry. For over 40 years Kemper Systems have demonstrated proven performance and protected countless buildings and structures worldwide including the Gherkin in London and the Empire State Building in New York.
KEMPEROL ® Liquid waterproofing is a complete resin based liquid waterproofing system. It is applied wet on wet, and bonds directly to virtually any substrate to provide a seamless, elastomeric, UV-stable membrane.

KEMPEROL ® is extremely versatile and ideal for flat roofing whether it is a new build, full roof refurbishment, repair or green roofs amongst a host of other uses including balconies, terraces and walk ways. KEMPEROL ® provide solutions for complex detailing, upstands, penetrations and termination offering reliable long term protection.
Most liquid applied systems offer just one resin – a single solution whatever the application, Kemper Systems offer a range of dedicated resins each developed to optimise waterproofing performance under different conditions and specific substrate applications.

KEMPEROL V210 – is a 3 component, polyester based system that forms a permanently elastic, seamless, yet highly permeable membrane. Extremely durable and tear resistant, it can accommodate structural details and penetrations without the need for additional mechanical fixings.

KEMPEROL 2K-PUR – is the first solvent free, odourless, wet on wet, fleece reinforced liquid roofing and waterproof system available in the UK. It is a 2 component polyurethane based system offering the strength and versatility of V210 and 1K-PUR but with the advantage of a more environmentally friendly composition. Ideal for use on sustainability based projects or sensitive occupied buildings where solvent-based products would be disruptive such as hospital or schools.

KEMPEROL 1k-PUR – is ready to use straight from the can, forms a permanently elastic, seamless membrane and is ideal for long term waterproofing of awkward roof details. Suitable for a wide range of applications but typically used for small detailed areas such as balconies and terraces or for small repairs. Weather resistant after 60 minutes Kemper products are installed by specialist, trained and approved contractors using materials and systems that have been independently tested and certified to the most rigorous performance standards.

If you have a roofing project that requires Kemperol or simply want more information contact our experts. Alternatively you can visit their website.
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