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About Clay Tiles

Clay is a natural material, which in the form of clay tiles has played an integral role in the UK’s building industry. Clay roof tiles are a natural, durable, sustainable product which is considered to be water, fire and weather resistant giving protection for over 70 years.

Clay tiles are unique in that they weather favourably and mellow with age unlike other roofing products, further enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the roof. They not only withstand the elements; they actually improve with exposure.

Due to developments in manufacturing there has been renewed interest in clay tiles and there is a wide range available, in more than 50 colours. Variations of colour are obtained by the firing process and different effects can be achieved. The firing process ensures that the colour of the tile is permanent and does not fade.

Clay tiles come in several formats:

Plain Tiles

The plain tile is a premium rectangular flat tile measuring a standard size of 265mm x165mm which was set by King Edward iV in 1477 and is the same today. Traditionally handmade, giving every little plain tile its own character adding a rich texture to the roof in both colour and shape, with a single or double camber, however due to manufacturing developments more commonly plain tiles are machine made to have a hand made appearance with a reduced cost.

Plain tiles are laid in a broken bond pattern and are double lapped, due to their size, the number of tiles per m2, the weight, and the labour required is much greater than an alternative larger tile.


One of the countries classic roof tile designs, traditionally made from clay in a large ‘S’ shape tile which would be linked together rather than overlapped like plain tiles. Manufactures have since developed the pantile in to a single lap interlocking system which enables the pantile to be laid at a lower pitch, and it is available in different profiles and can be in a single or double form. This was evolutionary to the industry as requires fewer materials, reduces the load on the roof and is less labour intensive.

Roman Tiles

The profile of a roman tiles design is a flat shape with a small roll running down the right hand side of the tile. Like pantiles they are available in single or double form and are traditional of the Bridgewater Region.

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