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Sandtoft Concrete Pantiles

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About Sandtoft Concrete Pantiles

Sandtoft is the undisputed market leader in pantiles with almost a century of experience and with the widest range of pantiles available in both concrete and clay.

Shire Pantile

An interlocking concrete pantile that offers the look of a traditional pantile. Available in a choice of 5 standard and 2 sandfaced finishes, suitable for roof pitches down to 22.5º (30º for sandfaced).


Double Pantile

An interlocking double-unit pantile, one of the most popular and economical roof coverings available. The Double Pantile can perform down to pitches as low as 15º. Like all Sandtoft concrete tiles it is produced to a level of quality and consistency that is unmatched in the industry.


About Concrete Pantiles

Concrete pantiles became available in the 1950’s, very similar to the design and size to the clay alternative, available as a single or double unit and are very popular due to reduced materials required and labour and time saving benefits making them a very cost effective roofing solution. Available in a wide range of profiles and colours.

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