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Marley Eternit Plain Tiles

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About Marley Eternit Plain Tiles

Marley Eternit is the UK’s leading manufacturer of clay tiles and fittings, their extensive range of clay tiles contains the widest choice of colours and profiles available in the UK
Hawkins Clay Plain tile – Advances in clay tile technology means that the Hawkins single camber range combines heritage with the most modern firing techniques combining the quality and versatility of a clay plain tile with the affordability of other materials.

Ashdowne Clay Plain tile – A handcrafted clay tile. Available in a range of shades and mixes making them the ideal choice in a refurbishment project or to enhance the beauty of a new build development and complement the surrounding area.

The traditional handcrafted finish ensures each and every project takes on a beauty and character of its own, no two handcrafted roofs are ever alike.

About Plain Tiles

The plain tile is a premium rectangular flat tile measuring a standard size of 265mm x165mm which was set by King Edward iV in 1477 and is the same today. Traditionally handmade, giving every little plain tile its own character adding a rich texture to the roof in both colour and shape, with a single or double camber, however due to manufacturing developments more commonly plain tiles are machine made to have a hand made appearance with a reduced cost.

Plain tiles are laid in a broken bond pattern and are double lapped, due to their size, the number of tiles per m2, the weight, and the labour required is much greater than an alternative larger tile.

If you have a roofing project that requires Marley Eternit Plain Tiles or simply want more information contact our experts. Alternatively you can visit their website.