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TATA Steel Colourcoat Urban

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About TATA Steel Colourcoat Urban

Colorcoat UrbanTM is a roof and wall cladding system that offers a modern touch to a traditional design. Colorcoat urban is formed in the style of standing seam and coated in a high performing organic plastisol formulations unique to Tata steel.

Colorcoat Urban provides a sustainable roofing and cladding solution and is BBA certified to perform well in excess of 40 years; the light weight system is extremely durable and 100% recyclable , providing excellent performance and resistance to fire and wind.

Designed with a colour pallet to blend with the urban landscapes as well as making a bold statement, Colorcoat Urban is suitable for new builds, refurbishments and over lays for both traditional and contemporary architectural designs.

Colorcoat Urban panels are suitable for warm and cold roofs and are available in different widths to suit design and environments requirements. They can be laid vertically down to a pitch of 5 degrees and can be easily integrated with renewable technologies such as photovoltaic and solar thermals. Specifically designed to be quick and easy to install to reduce time on site.

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