Customer Care Policy Procedure

Information for main contractors requiring onsite customer care issues.

We at Western Counties pride ourselves on our workmanship and have a long standing service commitment to our customers. To continue this care and commitment we would be very grateful if you as a main Contractor could work together with us, following the procedures set out below to help us deal with any customer care issues.

Your main points of contact are:

Tony Marsh and Katie Govier.

Telephone Number: 01626 835 937

Notifications of works needed

To ensure no time is wasted in responding to maintenance calls we must insist that all notifications of works needed, are sent via the form below:

Please note: We will not accept telephone calls or faxes as notifications of works.

Notification of Works

  • Please include details of any works which have been carried out previously. Be sure to include log numbers and dates when works were carried out. If your issue is due to an NHBC report, a copy of the full report must be included.